Researcher Responsibilities

Research Responsibility

Research projects must be related to the geographic area. Spouses and family members not engaged in research will be accommodated on a space-available basis. Public accommodations, including campgrounds, are available in the Mammoth and Convict Lake areas.

Upon arrival at the reserve please read the posted information and Emergency Action Plan in each residence for detailed information.

NO firearm, NO smoking, and NO pets are permitted anywhere on the the Reserve. If you violate these rules, you will be asked to leave.

In an effort to keep our facility use rates low no janitorial services are provided. Users are expected to leave residences, labs, offices, and shops cleaner than they found them. In this way conditions will improve instead of degrade. Cleaning supplies are provided in all buildings. Failure to adequately cleanup will result in cleaning fees and prejudice future visits by the group.

Annual Summary of Research Project

Please provide the following by June 30 of each year (the summary and list of publications will be published in the NRS Annual Report and on the NRS system wide Web Page):

  • A brief summary of your research accomplishments, including the title of the project, a list of all participants on the project with their affiliations.
  • A list of your current publications based on research done on the reserve (complete references).
  • Two copies of all published materials, including conference proceedings, abstracts, and technical reports (one bound copy only of theses and dissertations), resulting from your research. Please acknowledge the University of California Natural Reserve System, UCSB Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve in any publication resulting from use of the reserve.
  • Source of funding for your project, dates of funding, and the funding amount.

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