Reserve Bibliographies

Please click the desired site bibliography to be redirected to the collection of publications through the website Zotero.

These links contain all the publications submitted to us for work conducted at, based out of, or associated with the Reserve.  We make no claims as to the completeness of the list. 

The bibliography will open in Zotero for the chosen Reserve. All the Reserve bibliographies are listed on the left and can be accessed with a simple click. In the upper right, you will find a search option and three buttons: Export, cite and library settings. If you open library settings, you will be able to chose the headings that you wish to see. For export and cite, simply check the box to the left of the title.

There are over 1300 entries divided into the following categories: books, book chapters, symposia proceedings, articles in professional journals, technical reports, theses and dissertations, magazine articles, newspaper articles, websites and audio visual materials.

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