Reseacher Roland Knapp uncovers the story of the disappearance and the process of recovery of the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog. 
This video explores the operations of VESR along side the Director Carol Blanchette.
Explore the benefits of SNARL's lab facility within the natural ecosystem amoung interviews with Director Carol Blanchette and researcher Roland Knapp.
Former Director Dan Dawson descibes the vast resources that SNARL's surroundings provides.
Walk through the history of SNARL and how SNARL's past help shape the reserve it is today.
Mary Toothman, PhD candidate in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara has studied disease dynamics in mountain yellow legged frogs since 2008. The full title of her presentation is "Immunity and...
This is the May 7 lecture from the 2013 SNARL lecture series. Dr. Jonathan Bourne is an M.D. at Mammoth Hospital in Mammoth Lakes, CA and a mushroom hunter and enthusiast. There are some questions and answers at the end of the lecture. You can...
Dr. Edward Bair examines a field study of storm snow avalanches in the sierras.
This is the June 6 lecture in the 2013 SNARL Lecture Series; the final lecture of the season. Dr. Pitelka is a Senior Visiting Scientist at NEON.  
This is the June 5 lecture in the 2012 SNARL lecture series. Dr. Brown is retired from the Dept. of Physiological Sciences, UCLA and consults on bat conservation and mine closure.