Reseacher Roland Knapp uncovers the story of the disappearance and the process of recovery of the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog. 
This video explores the operations of VESR along side the Director Carol Blanchette.
Explore the benefits of SNARL's lab facility within the natural ecosystem amoung interviews with Director Carol Blanchette and researcher Roland Knapp.
Former Director Dan Dawson descibes the vast resources that SNARL's surroundings provides.
Walk through the history of SNARL and how SNARL's past help shape the reserve it is today.
This talk took place at the 2015 NRS Management Workshop at SNARL. Roger Samuelson was the founding Director of the Natural Reserve System. Phil Pister was a graduate student at SNARL in the 1940-50s and went onto a distinguished career with CA...
This is the final lecture in the 2012 SNARL lecture series recorded June 12, 2012. Sherry Lisius is a Wildlife Biologist with the Bureau of Land Management in Bishop, CA formerly with the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in Bridgeport, CA. The sound...
Dr. Rebecca A. Lyons, University of Redlands Chemistry Department, presents how persistent organic pollutants travel across California.
This is the second lecture in the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory's 2014 lecture series. Dr. Chad Hanson is a researcher with the The John Muir Project of the Earth Island Institute. The lecture took place on May 13, 2014  ...
Dr. Brandon Browne explores the geological insights of Mammoth Volcano.