Reseacher Roland Knapp uncovers the story of the disappearance and the process of recovery of the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog. 
This video explores the operations of VESR along side the Director Carol Blanchette.
Explore the benefits of SNARL's lab facility within the natural ecosystem amoung interviews with Director Carol Blanchette and researcher Roland Knapp.
Former Director Dan Dawson descibes the vast resources that SNARL's surroundings provides.
Walk through the history of SNARL and how SNARL's past help shape the reserve it is today.
Dr. Brandon Browne explores the geological insights of Mammoth Volcano.
By John D. Geyer, Certified Geothermal Designer. This is the first lecture (April 30) in the SNARL 2013 Lecture Series and was co-sponsored by the High Sierra Energy Foundation. Apologies for the slight audio hum and some focus issues. We will do...
Dr. Gretchen Hofmann, PhD candidate Umi Hoshijima, and artist Lily Simonson take us on a virtual field trip to Antarctica to explore penguins, pteropods and the changing ocean and Lily Simonson discusses how her interactions with science and...
This is the first, May 6, lecture in the 2014 lecture series at the UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory. Dr. Tom Painter is a Research Scientist and head of the Airborne Snow Observatory at JPL.    
This is the May 29, 2012 lecture from the SNARL Lecture Series. There is a short glitch at the beginning of the lecture but it plays fine after that.