From The First Humans To Forest Fires: Scientific Discoveries Spanning UC Santa Barbara’s Seven Spectacular Natural Reserves

Every Thursday evening at 7PM from October 8 to November 19 2020

To address the ever increasing threats of tree mortality and wildfire, and with funding and project support from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Valentine Camp Reserve is engaged in a fuels reduction project aimed at increasing the health and resilience of the forest and decreasing the risk of fire to not only this important research and education site, but also to the Town of Mammoth Lakes, which surrounds the reserve. Fuels reduction work started in Summer 2020.

Due to the COVID situation, UCSB NRS reserves are only open to RESEARCH use.  Please plan ahead, as we cannot accept last minute reservations due to the additional requirements for approval. Each researcher or research group leader needs to submit a COVID safety plan (see step 5 below).  This plan must be approved by the UCSB NRS committee before we can approve your reservation.

Apply now for funding to work at SNARL or Valentine in 2020 - Deadline is March 15, 2020!