Outdoor Science Education Program Class Schedule Posted

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve's Outdoor Science Education Program schedule is just announced! Starting March 27th you have the opportunity to enroll students within grades 1-8 in the summer program! The program consists of weeklong classes offered June through August. Students engage in topics ranging from natural history to art. The courses take place at either Valentine Camp of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab (SNARL) and are taught by experienced outdoor educators. 

These courses are perfect for students who have a strong interest in science, love being outdoors, and are excited to participate in all aspects of the academic classes. 

Provided is just an outline of the schedule but to view the schedule with full class descriptions please visit the Full OSEP Classes description .

Title Date Grades Site
Caputring Science through a Lens June 11- June 15 6-8 Valentine Camp
Painting Nature June 18- June 22 5-6 Valentine Camp
Science through Art June 18- June 22 5-7 Valentine Camp
Sifting through Science June 18- June 22 1 Valentine Camp
Involving Dissoving I June 25- June 29 3-4 Valentine Camp
The Nature of Art I June 25- June 29 4-6 SNARL
Beautiful Bats July 2- July 6 2-3 Valentine
Hurray for Habitats July 2- July 6 2-3 SNARL
Beautiful Bats II July 9- July 13 2-3 Valentine
The Nature of Art II July 9- July 13 3-4 Valentine
Over the Meadow July 16- July 20 1 Valentine
Wild Island Adventure July 23- July 27 4-5 SNARL