COVID-19 Information for VESR

Friday, August 14, 2020

Due to the COVID situation, UCSB NRS reserves are only open to RESEARCH use.  Please plan ahead, as we cannot accept last minute reservations due to the additional requirements for approval. Each researcher or research group leader needs to submit a COVID safety plan (see step 5 below).  This plan must be approved by the UCSB NRS committee before we can approve your reservation.  The UCSB NRS committee meets each week on Thursday morning, so please get your safety plan submitted at least one week, preferably 2 weeks before your requested reservation dates.

If you are planning a visit to VESR this season, please follow these steps: 
1. Submit your application and reservation using RAMS
2. Make sure all members of your research team have signed the VESR waiver (DocuSign document)
3. Make sure all members of your research team have viewed the UCSB COVID-safety presentation (pdf)
4. Make sure that all team members read and review the UCSB NRS COVID guidelines, and the VESR COVID guidelines (pdfs)
5. Submit your COVID safety plan (google form)