valentine wildflowers

Art Summer Series

We are excited to introduce our new Summer Art Series, which offers participants the opportunity to explore a variety of art fundamentals such as drawing, journaling, sketching and composition while directly connecting to VESR's pristine preserve. 

Registration is now open! Please register and pay for the classes you would like to attend.

The Art Of Naming | July 07 | Valentine Camp
Naming and walking are two of the most primal things we do. Both start when we are infants and continue if we are fortunate to the day we die. When we apply the practice of naming to a place, the process becomes one of intimacy, drawing us closer to the land through the words we cultivate. Walking, an equally rich practice is one that exposes us to the sights, smells, and climate of a place - forcing an encounter – that is utterly unique. In this course at the spectacular Valentine’s Preserve, we will be combining these two practices as we spend the day walking and journaling in one of the most pristine spaces throughout the whole Sierra.CLASS CANCELLED REGISTER
Drawing at Valentine Reserve | July 22 | Valentine Camp
Our natural world is a fascinating place. Being able to observe and replicate it through drawing provides insights into life that can change how we think about ourselves and our surroundings. With this in mind spend a few hours in the beautiful Valentine Reserve, walking and sketching the micro and the macro of the environment, in pencil and pen. Supplies included. REGISTER