Staff – UCSB NRS

VESR Staff

Dr. Carol Blanchette
Research Biologist and VESR Director
Office Phone: (805) 893-5698
Cell Phone: (805) 403-9561
Jeremiah Eanes
Assistant Reserve Manager
Office Phone: (805)-893-5655
Cell Phone: (760) 709-0972
Carole Lester
Education Coordinator
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 914-3722‬
Jane Lester
Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (805) 893-5695
Ben Peck
Reserve Steward & Valentine Caretaker
Office Phone: 805-893-5655
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 709-6296‬
Annie Barrett
Outdoor Educator
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 937-4155‬
Judy Bergenbach
Outdoor Educator
Alexa Lindauer
Research Assistant and Lab Manager


Dr. Patricia Holden
UCSB NRS Director
Office Phone: 805-893-3195
Dr. Marion Wittmann
UCSB NRS Executive Director
Office Phone: 805-893-6179
Fukiko Miyazaki
Financial Analyst
Office Phone: 805-893-4127
Deby Puro
Business Officer
Office Phone: (805) 893-4127
Sarah Sikich
Director of Development
Office Phone: 805-893-3988
Cell Phone: 310-849-7006
Dr. Peter Alagona
Faculty Advisor
Dr. John Melack
Faculty Advisor
Office Phone: 805.893.3879

UC NRS Staff

Dr. Steve Monfort
UC NRS Director
Office Phone: 510-987-0413