Recycling at VESR

We are pleased to announce an expansion in recycling services at VESR. In conjunction with Sierra Conservation Project, a local recycling business, we recycle everything the local providers will accept. This includes:

cardboard & boxboard: Please, no cardboard or boxboard in the dumpster. All material should be flattened and placed in the designated trailer in the big garage. Boxboard must be from dry food (cereal, crackers, etc., with no liner).

styrofoam peanuts: Please, no styrofoam peanuts in the dumpster. Place them in the large container located in the hallway closet of the laboratory.

glass: We can recycle all manner of glass containers with lids removed. These go in the metal cans outside the big garage.

aluminum & bi-metal cans: We can now accept CA redemption aluminum beverage cans and bi-metal cans (tuna, soup, etc). These go in the designated metal can outside the big garage. We do not accept food trays, pie plates, or aluminum foil. These are considered regular garbage and must be placed directly in the dumpster.

plastic containers: We now accept all #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) narrow mouth bottles and jugs. Examples are clear water bottles, clear or colored soda bottles, plastic milk containers, and plastic juice bottles. These also go in the designated metal can outside the big garage. Please remove all lids and place in the trash. We cannot wide mouth containers (yogurt, cream cheese), take out containers, #3-#7 plastics, plastic bags or motor oil containers.

mixed paper: We can now accept all manner of mixed paper including newspaper, inserts, magazines, flyers, posters, Xerox paper, copier paper, phone books, opened mail and junk mail. We cannot accept metallic wrapping paper, Tyvek envelopes, photo paper, waxed paper or transparencies.

motor oil and oil filters: Please, no petroleum or hydrocarbon products in the dumpster. We must protect our local groundwater. If you have these products, see the Maintenance Supervisor.

Sierra Conservation Project Recycling Guidelines

                                                                                                                                                                       PC: Mark Chappell