Field Safety

If you plan to travel into the backcountry for your research or class, it is essential that you are prepared.  Create a travel plan and notify someone who is not travelling with you on where you are going and when you plan to return.  Make sure that you have maps and that you are prepared with adequate clothing, food and water.  Mountain conditions in the Sierras can change rapidly.  Be prepared for rain, lightening and snow.  Know what to do if you get lost, know how to treat your water, know how to prevent hypothermia and protect yourself from the sun.  For your safety and the safety of wildlife, know how to store your food properly. If you are traveling in winter conditions, study the snow and avalanche conditions and be prepared and trained in the use of snow safety gear (avalanche beacon, probes, shovel) and always travel with a buddy. There is more backcountry safety information in the binders in the units and links to resources.