Strategic Plan

Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserves Strategic Planning

In late 2017 we were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a Strategic Plan for VESR to guide our efforts to support our research, education and outreach activities and programs over the next decade.

In 2018 we hosted a workshop at SNARL including a broad array of stakeholders to help us develop ideas related to the following topics;

1) Defining and prioritizing a research agenda for the next decade at VESR,

2) Promoting education and training the next generation of scientists at VESR,

3) Providing effective outreach and public service to the community

In 2019 we completed our Strategic Plan.  We intend this to be a ‘living document’ to be modified over time, and one that will provide a framework to guide the management of our reserves in the next decade.

Strategic Plan Documents

Table of Contents and Executive Summary


History and Background

Strengths and Assets

Strategic Goals and Investments

Measures of Success