VESR Director

Research Biologist and VESR Director
My main areas of research are marine and community ecology, and my work has largely focused on nearshore marine ecosystems; rocky intertidal, kelp... Read More
Office Phone: (805) 893-5698
Cell Phone: (805) 403-9561

VESR Staff

Assistant Reserve Manager
Office Phone: (805)-893-5695
Cell Phone: (760) 709-0972
Education Coordinator
Office Phone: (805) 893-5655
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 914-3722‬
Administrative Coordinator
Office Phone: (805) 893-5655
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 937-4155‬
Reserve Steward
Office Phone: 805-893-5695
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 709-6296‬

SNARL Scientists

Research Biologist
Since the late 1980s I’ve been doing research out of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory. I first started scientific research in... Read More
Office Phone: (760) 258-6066
Research Biologist
The general goal of my research is to understand how natural and anthropogenic factors influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems.... Read More
Assistant Research Biologist
As a community ecologist, I focus on how species interactions shape freshwater communities in Sierra Nevada lakes and ponds. My research topics... Read More
Staff Research Assistant
Ericka Hegeman is a Staff Research Assistant with the Roland Knapp lab. She works on various aspects of amphibian recovery in the Sierra Nevada... Read More