VESR Director

Research Biologist and VESR Director
My main areas of research are marine and community ecology, and my work has largely focused on nearshore marine ecosystems; rocky intertidal, kelp... Read More
Office Phone: (805) 893-5698
Cell Phone: (805) 403-9561

VESR Staff

Assistant Reserve Manager
Office Phone: (805)-893-5695
Cell Phone: (805) 451-0459‬
Education Coordinator
Office Phone: (805) 893-5655
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 914-3722‬
Administrative Coordinator
Office Phone: (805) 893-5655
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 937-4155‬
Reserve Steward
Office Phone: 805-893-5695
Cell Phone: ‭(760) 709-6296‬

SNARL Scientists

Research Biologist
Since the late 1980s I’ve been doing research out of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory. I first started scientific research in... Read More
Office Phone: (760) 258-6066
Research Biologist
The general goal of my research is to understand how natural and anthropogenic factors influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems.... Read More
Assistant Research Biologist
I am a community ecologist interested in how species extinctions affect communities. I am also involved with conservation of the endangered mountain... Read More
Staff Research Assistant
Ericka Hegeman is a Staff Research Assistant with the Roland Knapp lab. She works on various aspects of amphibian recovery in the Sierra Nevada... Read More
Staff Research Associate
After finding a civil engineering education unsatisfying, I began an undergraduate program in aquatic toxicology at the University of Wisconsin... Read More