Payment and Fees

Availability Calendar:

To check availability for 2017, please see our online calendar.


  • Important: users will be charged for the dates and the number of people they book at the time of application, unless they bring more people or stay longer.
  • Payment may be made by UC recharge, by invoicing your college or university department, by personal check and we are now accepting credit card payments. See below for instructions.
  • Please do not bring cash.
  • If part of a large group, please arrange for one individual to pay for the group.

Effective: July 1, 2015. New rates will be effective July 1, 2017.

To: Users of the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve 2015-16 RATE CHART FOR VALENTINE EASTERN SIERRA RESERVE

Service Description




VE-Regular housing

per person per night



VE-Class housing

per person per night



VE-Monthly housing, 1st person

per person per month



VE-Monthly housing, 2nd person

per person per month



VE-Lab space, daily

per space per day



VE-Lab space, monthly

per space per month



VE-Office space, daily

per space per day



VE-Office space, monthly

per space per month




per room per day



VE-Stream channel

per channel per month



VE-Monthly storage

per unit per month



VE-Boat with trailer

per boat per day



VE-Boat fuel

per boat per day



VE-Truck, full day

per truck per day



VE-Truck, half day

per truck per half day



VE-Truck fuel

per gallon



VE-Class rate

per person per hour



VE-Steward assistance

per hour



VE-Administrative assistance

per hour



VE-Boat operator per hour

per hour



VE-Boat operator per day

per day



To pay by check: Make check out to UC Regents and mail to Natural Reserve System, MSRB 520, Mail Code 6150, University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150.

To pay by electronic fund transfer: Notify the UCSB NRS campus office when you initiate the transfer by emailing Deby Puro ( For international transfers, please add enough to cover the bank fees that will be charged to the NRS.

To pay by credit card: Log onto and click on the "Pay Your Bill" button.