For Research

Application Process

Research projects

For new research projects, please contact the Reserve Director to discuss the project requirements and suitability.

  • Logon to RAMS and follow the instructions to complete an application.
  • A new application must be submitted for each project, however multiple visits ("activities") may be appended to a single application.
  • The Reserve Director will be notified automatically and will review the application.
  • The application is not approved until the applicant is notified by the Reserve Director.
  • Download and submit Waivers of Liability as required.

The group leader is responsible for making sure each participant is aware of reserve policies and guidelines listed on the application and in the information packet on the application website.

Selected Research

  • Fire ecology: Valentine Camp fire-history studies, stand-age analysis, and fuel-loading maps will be used to develop a fire management plan.
  • Wetland mapping project: Identification and delineation of wetlands in Long Valley.
  • Plant ecology: Population ecology, ecophysiology, and genetics of mountain brome grass.
  • Avian ecology: Artificial nest boxes are used to attract house wrens for study in breeding behavior and endocrinology.
  • Expanded research opportunities: Studies of insects, mammals, and amphibians are conducted on the reserve and at other regional sites.