Computing Resources

General Use:

The fees for your stay at Valentine Camp and SNARL include basic web connection.  If you have your own desktop or notebook computer, there is no charge for web connectivity.  Wireless access connection is available in all buildings. Connection is established automatically through DHCP.

An Internet and email kiosk computer is located in Headquarters and is available free of charge for general use at SNARL. This computer is configured for web browsing, checking web based email and for sending/receiving faxes.  There is no software available on this machine and downloading or installing is strictly prohibited. If others are waiting to gain access to the computer, please limit your usage to 15 minutes.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection:

VPN connections require a fixed IP address, which may take up to two business days to be issued.  Please make known your requirement for VPN connection prior to your arrival so arrangements can be made.

Fee Based Network Services:

SNARL offers server based network services including file serving, network printing and plotting. A computer is available in the computer room located on level 2 of the Headquarters building. The workstation is equipped with CD burners, scanners (35 mm slide and flatbed) and various software applications.  Three printers are available for use including a black and white HP 5M Laserjet (&0.07/sheet) and a color HP Laserjet 4500 ($0.15/sheet).  An Epson Stylus Pro 7600 large format printer is available through Dr. Roland Knapp (maps, posters, and other similar images: $2.00/sq. ft. fine art and photographs: $4.00/sq. ft.).  There is no fax machine available. A scanner is available in the computer lab; documents should be scanned and emailed. A photocopier is located on the main floor of HQ ($0.05/sheet). A password is required for the copier, contact Kim