New classroom at SNARL


New Grant Funding for SNARL Facilities

On May 31 the California Wildlife Conservation Board met and approved our pending grant proposal for Proposition 84 funds for facilities at SNARL,  awarding us $1,412,000. This program requires a 1:1 match but allows recent projects at SNARL, such as the lab reconstruction and the photovoltaic energy generation, as part of the match.

The $1.412M from WCB will be matched with new funds including $275,000 from NEON, $225,000 from endowment income, $150,000 from VRF, and $125,000 in in-kind match for a total project budget of approximately $2.2M.

The money will fund three facility projects at SNARL: the replacement of the concrete stream control structures in Convict Creek, the reconstruction of our road and paved areas including some new underground infrastructure, and the construction of a classroom/lecture hall adjacent to the SNARL dormitory. Construction is expected to begin this spring and carry into 2015.

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