Reserve Use

Application Process

The application is a two part process through our online system called RAMS and is used by every Reserve in the University of California Natural Reserve System. Each applicant must submit an application to the appropriate Reserve which will remain open for the duration of the project. A reservation is made on that application for every visit that the applicant makes to the Reserve for that project. Any number of reservations may be made on a single application.

There are three types of reservation: research, class and public. They are not interchangeable and it is imperative that the correct application is received. If you are uncertain of the type of application, have questions or are experiencing difficulty with the system, please contact the administrative assistant via email: (link sends e-mail) or phone: 805-893-5654 and I will be happy to assist you. 


Waiver of Liability

Every non-exempt visitor to the Reserve must download, sign, and submit a signed Waiver of Liability to the Reserve Director prior to arrival at the Reserve.

Waivers are available online.

Or for download in PDF Format VESR waiver (English), VESR waiver (link is external) (EspaƱol).

Exempt Visitors

  • UC employees acting within the course and scope of their employment.
  • UC students who are supervised by the faculty/instructor on a field trip to a reserve.
  • Members of the public who visit reserves for a public event advertised to the general public.
  • Persons with a legal right to enter a reserve under a contract or other legal document (e.g., conractors).
  • Non-UC employees who enter a reserve within the course and scope of their employment (e.g. utility workers).
  • Family members or personal guests of resident reserve staff, and past/potential donors, provided they are under close supervision of reserve staff.


  • Waivers conform to legal standards and cannot be altered in any way.
  • We cannot accept electronic signatures.
  • Waivers for minors must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • The group leader is responsible to find out who in their group must sign a Waiver and to insure they are on file.