Graduate Student Grant Awardees

2016 Valentine Reserve Fund Graduate Student Grant Award Recipients

2016 VESR Graduate Student Grants

Hamanda Badona Cavalheri

UC San Diego

The role of environmental history in gene expression in Daphnia under thermal stress.


Teresa Bohner

UC Riverside

Drivers of variation in mechanisms that promote conifer coexistence


Adam Cohen

UC Santa Barbara

Stream response to reservoir management in an alpine ecosystem


Kelsey Lyberger

UC Davis


Investigation the role of density dependence in the demographic recovery of Daphnia melanica


Elisabet Perez-Coronel

UC Merced

Effect of temperature on methanogenesis and methane oxidation rates in alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park


Joseph Stewart

UC Santa Cruz

Mechanistic Models of Climate-Mediated Decline for a Saxicolous Endotherm


Mary Toothman

UC Santa Barbara

Investigating abiotic and biotic factors that influence Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) invasion outcome in Sierran Lakes



Lisa Treidel

UC Berkeley


Effects of snow cover on willow leaf beetle allele frequency and transcript abundance